One summer evening in 2014

One summer evening in 2014, Yves Nicolas-Leseux tells us, at a table outside a café with my friend Pengcheng, we realised that there was no tea alcohol in China. We couldn’t believe it! The idea slowly infused. Then one day, “Let’s do it! Let’s continue Su Dong Po’s work and make tea alcohol!”
The first tests took place in the Eyguebelle distillery, under the supervision of Jean-Jacques. Later the work continued in the Meunier distillery.
Simultaneously, the idea spread to their circle of friends: like Melina our strategy advisor, Damien our communication advisor and Louise our organization advisor. Many offered their expertise, especially as tasters!

Beyond the circle of friends, other tests, more rigorous this time, were carried out, like here in the Hotel School of Grenoble. Pierre-Henri Rougny, an oenology professor, hosted a tasting event with the participation of Asian tasters.

The SONGCHA Company was finally founded in February 2017 and drew close to the AMBIX distillery. The latter was chosen to be in charge of research and development. Its CEO, Laurent Pernet, has all the qualities that are necessary for the success of the project. Notably curiosity and sense of initiative.